Sometimes, our homes need a Makeover to make them feel young again. NAK will take your ideas and deliver a home renovation that suited to your lifestyle and budget. We're passionate about providing service, and we guarantee every job is of the highest standard.

What sort of renovation is best for you? Should you just paint and carpet, replace the kitchen and bathroom, or open the place up? If you need more space, should you go up, out or even down? Whatever renovations are planned for your home, NAK Director Nolan Costello will take the time to address each question and design a functional and comfortable solution suited to your individual requirements.

You can add value and refresh a home simply by renewing finishes - new cladding, a new roof, skylights, a paint job, refurbishing the floor. Perhaps a new kitchen or bathroom? Older houses may need opening up to light.

Often it's the little details that make the difference.